Those remaining literary recluses in full

With the passing of JD Salinger, which great literary recluses are left?

Harper Lee Smokes

 Harper Lee

JM Coetzee Didn’t turn up to collect either of his Booker prizes.

Harper Lee (pictured) Is said to handwrite every rejection of an interview request.

Cormac McCarthy Undermined reclusive reputation with an Oprah interview in 2008.

Don DeLillo Once handed over a postcard with the words, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Thomas Pynchon “‘Recluse’ is a codeword generated by journalists, meaning: ‘doesn’t like to talk to reporters'”.

John Twelve Hawks Rumoured to speak with his editor using a a voice scrambler.

Christopher Tolkien Denies rumours that he has wild boars patrolling his property in France.


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